Video Production Process

From Concept to Creation

Creative Consultation

The first thing we do when working with corporate clients is set up a creative consultation. In this meeting we like to hear what your ideas are for your commercial, product video, or branding video. Our team of professionals will then work with you to create a compelling storyline that is not only informational, but elicits the right emotions from your potential audience. Once a clear, consise concept is dveloped, our team will continue to work with you on develoing a script that supports your ideas and executes your vision.

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Shoot preparation

Pre-production can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the size of the video. It is in this time frame that all the moving parts of the production come together. The cast and crew are hired, locations secured, permits, and releases are signed. Our team will continue to develop the script in preparation for production. Many of our meetings happen via skype or zoom at this stage in order to loop our entire team in on the next phase of your video; production.

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Execution of concept

This is where all the pieces come together, the part most people get excited about. This is the actual production, all the weeks or months of planning has culminated to this, the cameras, equipment, crew, cast and incredible locations mix together to create the production process. Make no mistake, while it may look like al lot of fun (and it is) it is also a lot of work, and here at Starr Films we run a tight ship to make sure we stay on time and on budget.

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Post Production

It all comes together

This stage can take weeks or months to complete (depending on the size and scope of the video) as our editors work tirelessly to create the perfect cut of your video. It is here that the visuals, dialogue, and music all come together to tell the complete story; YOUR STORY. Our company brands your videos using your company assets. We can add 3D motion graphics, animated logos, and custom graphics to increase the impact of your video.

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The final product

Once your video is complete, it will be ready for launch. Most clients post to their video to their websites and social media sites. Our videos have been used for broadcast, trade shows, live events, and start-up pitches. Your video can have multiple purposes including being used as a part of an online commercial campaign to get you more clients.

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Online Campaigns

Taking it to the next level

The Starr team will create a visually compelling ad campaign surrounding your video for use as an advertising platform for your company. Traditional ads, combined with your corporate video will be streamlined and linked to a static landing page connecting directly with your target audience. This method can help increase web traffic, sales and brand awareness for your business or brand.

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