Production Process

The perfect script


Any great filmmaker will tell you if it's not on the page it won't be on the screen. No truer words have ever been spoken. So what does that mean for a screenwriter? Simple, before you send out query letters to production companies or managers, you must ask yourself the following questions; Is my script the best possible version? Is it formatted correctly with the appropriate 12pt courier font, margins, etc.? Is the plot, pacing, characters, dialogue, theme, style, and tone all clear, compelling and well-structured? And finally, does your piece have commercial potential? If your script doesn't meet these criteria we don't suggest you pitch it as it will likely not be well received by executives. And you truly only have one chance at a first impression. Our team can help you get a polished version of your script, that is ready to pitch to industry execs and agents. If you are already working with Starr Films, this service is included as part of the pre-production phase, for those of you who wish to independently utilize our services, script consultation packages are available as well as production mentorship packages.

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Pre-production can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the size of the film. This is crunch time, where all the fine details of the production come together, crew is brought on board, the cast is hired, locations are secured and all the small nuances are taken care of. This is the preparation stage for the next big wonderful step in the process... PRODUCTION.

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This is where all the pieces come together, the part most people get excited about. This is the actual production, all the weeks or months of planning has culminated to this, the cameras, equipment, crew, cast and incredible locations mix together to create the production process. Make no mistake, while it may look like al lot of fun (and it is) it is also a lot of work, and here at Starr Films we run a tight ship to make sure we stay on time and on budget.

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Post Production

Fourth Step

Finally, we have reached the stage where all the pieces of the puzzle must be assembled into a cohesive film. This stage can take months to complete as our editors work tirelessly to create the perfect cut of the film. It is here that the visuals, dialogue, and music all come together to tell the complete story.

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Fifth Step

Once the film is complete, it will be ready to make its way out into the world. There are many options for a films release, depending on the project. Our films have premiered at prestigious film festivals, live events, professional conferences, and private events. You can watch our short films for free here on the site, or on Amazon if you prefer to watch on your TV.

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Film Production