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Game of Thrones: A Queen’s Fall From Grace

“You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

-Harvey Dent  The Dark Knight

If you were heartbroken Sunday night when Jon Snow plunged a knife into Daenerys Targaryen’s chest you are likely not alone.  Many fans were disappointed with the sad demise of a Queen we have all grown to love.  There was something bittersweet about the way she met her end, which left Jon Snow himself wondering if it was the right decision.

As much as we may have loved her, it was the absolute right decision.  The Queen had gone to the dark side which is often the case with a hero who has very little in the way of opposition, a strong belief that their way of thinking is the only way and who did not meet their end sacrificing their life for the good of humanity.  There is a dubious nature to heroism, one that demonstrates that power left unchecked, can eventually lead one to the dark side (remember Darth Vader?)

Let’s take a peek at what the seven deadly sins that might have driven our Queen to madness:  

  1. FALLING IN LOVE:  It would seem the minute Jon and Dany locked eyes it was kismet.  That was of course until it was revealed that he was Aegon Targaryen.  From that moment on during the beautifully composed ending of Season 7 (which still makes me cry buckets)  where we heard the melodic voice of the future King Bran the Broken, “he’s never been a bastard, he’s the heir to the Iron throne” we knew this union was doomed. 
  2. FAMILY:  Due to her new love for Jon, Dany agreed to take her armies North to Winterfell to fight the dead.  The North was not too welcoming of her especially Sansa.  While Dany tried her hardest to win her over, when Sansa realized Dany was not about to give her rule over Winterfell, The Battle for Queen Bitch ignited.  These are battles that are typically played out by women (or sometimes gays) and it is done in the most passive-aggressive manner one could ever imagine.  For example, promising your brother you will never tell a soul his true identity as heir to the Iron Throne, then wasting no time blabbing it to the biggest mouth is Westeros.
  3. LOVE OF THE PEOPLE:  It was hard for Dany to accept that the North worshipped Jon Snow, especially knowing his true identity.  This started her turn.  Dany was used to having those she liberated fall desperately in love with her, worshipping her and following her to the depths of hell so she could eventually sit on the Iron Throne.  But there, in the North, Jon Snow was the one they revered and she found it almost impossible to win them over.
  4. CERSEI:  There is no bitch quite like Cersei and there may never be again, bless her heart. It is well-known to all that Cersei is a devious snake but Dany put her faith in her Hand that Cersei was going to send her armies North to fight the dead.  Seeing as Cersei intended no such thing and instead built giant crossbows to kill her dragon, it was only logical that Dany might want to burn her face off.
  5. RHAEGAL:  Her second baby is killed right in front of her and in a vicious manner that she was not expecting.  First Viserion falls to the Night King, then she loses Rhagel to the greasy Euron.  She now realizes Cersei has been preparing to take her down (another bitch war ignited)  This is not a good thing for a Queen who has crazy genetics and is not afraid to take what’s hers with “fire and blood.”
  6. MISSANDEI:  How would you feel if you watched your best friend get her head chopped off?  I personally would lose my mind, which is exactly what happened to Dany.   In that wonderful fulcrum moment where their eyes meet and Missandei says “Dracarys” you know it’s game on!  Daenary’s had come to the end of her proverbial rope and shit was about to get real.
  7. BETRAYAL: Betrayed by Jon, Vary’s, and Tyrion all in a matter of days.  How is our Queen supposed to deal with this?  Her beloved Jorah is dead and the rest of these clowns have left her to the wolves.  It was too much to bear.  The broken-hearted Grey Worm was the only one left and he wasn’t going to stop her.   

Daenerys was not going to stop.  Her post-war speech showed you exactly what she was intending to do.  Winterfell to Dorne?  Sansa Stark would not have survived that attack and let’s face it after Sansa meddled in her love life, Dany would have no problem throwing a little “dracarys” her way.

Tyrion’s warning to Jon that she believes she is good and right with the more power she gets is extremely poignant as that has been the inherent problem with all the former rulers of Westeros.  They were evil men and women and while Dany had made it her business to kill evil men, by burning a city of innocents to the ground she had become them.

Jon Snow who is ultimately too good of heart tried his best to awaken the Dany he had so desperately fallen in love with.  He pleads with her to make them understand and to forgive those who have gone against her, especially Tyrion.  Dany is having none of it which might have been okay however once he asks her ” What about everyone else? All the people that think they know what’s good?” and she responds with, “They don’t get to choose.” She sealed her fate. Her fall from grace was complete and there was no going back.  Our Queen then died in her lover’s arms.

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Was this the ending we all hoped for?  YES.  Bran is the best choice for King.  Jon belongs with the Wildlings where he is happiest.  Sansa was most deserving of being a Queen of the North.  Tyrion will make an excellent Hand of the King and Arya Stark has an adventurers heart and should follow it wherever it leads.  We have been rooting for the Stark children since the day their noble-hearted father lost his head and they have come full circle to not only live but to rule.

As for our beautiful Queen (who like Tyrion and Jon, we all fell in love with) she was never destined to take the throne.  While after her death, as a grief-stricken Drogon burns the iron burden into molten lava and the Lords and Ladies choose their new king, we realize that she had done it.  Daenerys Targaryen had broken the wheel and that was exactly what she came here to do.


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