A film by Angelique Letizia
A man tormented by the voice in his head must confront his abusive past to save a young boy from suffering the same fate. Confession is a true story that hopes to inspire others to listen, speak out and to understand the issues related to sexual abuse. “CONFESSION tells the story of one man’s breakthrough that breaks through to the hearts of everyone who sees this superb and courageous film.” – Barry Crimmins, Political Satirist, Stand Up, Author, the subject of the film “Call Me Lucky”

Sarina's Song

A film by Angelique Letizia

Set in the 1940s, Sarina's Song follows the journey of a young woman who seeks freedom from her aristocratic upbringing, for a chance at true love.Starring the late Margot Kidder and Academy Award nominee Michael O'Keefe.


A film by Angelique Letizia

In the future Guy meets the lady of his dreams, a momentary lapse in digestive self-control forces the humiliated Guy to utilize society’s latest technology in order to clear the air for a second chance at a first impression.

For Francis

A film by Angelique Letizia
Francis is a seven-year-old boy who loves dresses. When his teacher makes Francis a dress, his father Matt becomes enraged. Fearing the worst, Matt is forced to face his own fears and to choose between protecting his son from an intolerant world or allowing the boy to live truthfully.

I Like Crazy

A film by Francesco Saviano
When Ross (a down to earth, sensitive guy) and Gillian (a pill-popping lunatic) have a one night stand, they agree to meet in a bar the next day to give it one more shot. After sober conversation and a small altercation, Ross discovers why he just might like this girl.

The Art of Passion

A film by Joe Capozzi
A profile of Author Allan Karson as part of “The Art of Passion” series.


A film by Michael Buscemi
A man, struggling with inner turmoil, begins his daily commute waiting for a bus which is rated one of the city’s worst. In an attempt to befriend a fellow commuter, who is at times quite cryptic, his patience and sanity are tested.