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A short story about us and our job

NYC made us like this

We are three friends obsessed with all things film, television and theater, brought together by the desire to inspire, inform and enlighten audiences with poignant stories. Over the last decade, we have been lucky enough to work on many films, commercials, and theatrical productions, getting to work with people we love doing what we love.

Angelique Letizia


Joe Capozzi


Stephanie Taylor


Past & Present Collaborators

The wonderful producers making movie magic with us #starrteam

  • Alex Letizia – Producer/Motion Graphics
  • John Bernardo – Producer/Director
  • Kelly Averill – Marketing/Advertising/Graphic Design
  • Susan Hunt – Producer/Editor
  • Bilgin Turker – Producer/Writer/Director
  • Kristen Busalacchi – Producer/Casting
  • David Beck – Producer/Writer
  • Hiroshi Hara – Cinematographer
  • Chapin Hall – Producer/Cinematographer
  • Francesco Saviano – Director/Producer

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